bargain hunt

you know when you just need new things? been feeling like that a lot lately. but im on a budget, so where better to feed the shopping addiction than primark?! the belt was £1 and i'm so impressed with this bag for £3 - it looks like it could be topshop (spot the cat in the pic!). don't exactly know how i'm going to wear the lace top - don't think i'm brave enough to reveal the bra just yet! the denim shirt is a great cardigan substitute for summer, already worn it with leggings and brogues. i found these amazing nail polishes (thanks to walk the sand) for £1.50 each! they look pretty much the same colour here but they are different i tell you! one is bright blue, one cornflower blue and the other is grey. currently wearing the cornflower blue one and everyone has been asking where it's from - emm... asda...! talk about bargainous!

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  1. omggg i loveeeeeeeeeee primark. primark makes me sooooo happy!!

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