teacups teacups everywhere

(harper's bazaar russia, apr '10)

i was at another vintage fair this weekend, this time called 'gin in teacups' and it got me wondering about the obsession with teacups at the moment! i'm pretty sure it was me who came up with the whole china teacup thing about four years ago when discussing opening a tea room with a friend (one day...)!! and since then, tea rooms have been popping up all over the shop! so here are a few of the teacups i've found around edinburgh so far... aren't they pretty? really want one for my mantlepiece. must hit the charity shops...


loopy lorna's

the dogs

the chocolate tree
(spanish hot chocolate - only order if you are a devout chocaholic as this consists of a melted chocolate bar... i only managed two spoonfuls!)


blush brogues

how lovely are these?! just wanted to show them off here! i fell in love with them the moment i saw them on my friend's feet! so i immediately copied her look and went and bought them from good old river island (sorry linds!). luckily, i still had a voucher that's been sitting in my purse from christmas. although i'm getting tired of all the nude tones that are around at the mo, i'm still in winter mode - tights/leggings/black/grey/tan - and these add a touch of colour, albeit quite a strange dusty pink colour. a manish shoe but in a girly shade of blush = perfect!


vintage fair madness

on saturday before work i made a quick trip to the affordable vintage fair at potterow. my friend lauren had a stall there as she is co-owner of edward - a lovely little vintage boutique in my home town of fife! check out their website, it also has an online shop where you can spot me doing a bit of modelling! i don't know why i tortured myself going as i don't have a penny to my name at the moment - they should have called it the not-so-affordable vintage fair! i ended up standing and observing the madness and chaos of clothes everywhere, girls pushing and shoving eachother to get their hands on that bag first... as i'd never been to a vintage fair before, it was unexpectedly hectic. you really needed pointy elbows and unfortunately mine are quite rounded. good news for lauren though as she did make a buck or two. we should definitely have more fairs like this in edinburgh, if only to experience the craziness of vintage lovers. going to have to work on my elbow roundedness so that next time i shall be more prepared.


edinburgh charity fashion show

ok so this may not be london or paris, but edinburgh has just had its own 'fashion weekend' with the annual edinburgh charity fashion show. the event was organised by edinburgh university students and showcased top names such as jaeger, peter jensen and nicole farhi. scottish designers also got a look in with designs by chris clyne, walker & slater and 21st century kilts parading down the runway. especially liked the bright body-con mini-dresses by london based ara jo (like the one above), whose designs have apparently been worn by lady gaga! yep, i can see why...

quite liking bright colours at the moment actually - sick of nudes everywhere! love this green dress by issa -

and check out these funky knits by hannah taylor -

it was a great night - despite the highly irritating hosts and exceedingly long interval - i just want to see the clothes goddamit!!



here is my first ever post!! i'm not really sure who i'm supposed to be talking to, as no one even knows this blog exists yet! i only started reading blogs a couple of months ago but i've become so obsessed with them that i feel it only right that i start my own. i understand that this can only lead to more 'time-wasting,' as my sister may say but hey, all the cool kids are doing it!

a few facts about me: my favourite things are fashion, food, film and photography; i like listing things and writing things down (which can now take on an electronic form!); i bake cakes and have enough fashion mags to build a small house.

so here goes. i hope you enjoy my blog, invisible nobody out there!

nat x