the domestic goddess

vogue us sept '10

i think i should be this woman. 50's housewife/super vixen! not sure about the pointy kitten heels to be honest but the tight knits, pencil skirts, leopard print, and the hair - oh the hair = amaze! i can just picture myself sporting one of these outfits whilst baking one of my pies! a tad different to my outfit of choice today nonetheless, creating pie numero deux: comfy joggers, t-shirt, fluffy dressing gown. yep, one can dream!


what the elle

1. new mug from tk maxx, aaah tea! relatively new double ring from urban outfitters - been on the look out for one of those bad boys for ages!
2. argos men's watch (bling!), dotty p's ring, funky buddha
3. and 4. elle overdose

finally got round to reading/gazing adoringly at elle collections last night and it was well worth the £6! planning on choosing my favs of the upcoming season before spring/summer starts, which is pretty soon! also realised i will be in london for fashion week! woooo! exciting stuff! although i will be with my brother, so its more likely that we will be getting lost or mugged rather than hanging out with the celebs and pretending we're part of the cool crowd. ah well.


baking with nat

i have just started my new job in loopy lorna's tea house - edinburgh's finest! (that's correct, finally out of retail - hurrah!) being around cakes and other tasty treats all day is bringing out the baker in me, and on monday i was challenged by my sis to make a pear and blueberry tart! challenge accepted...

challenge complete! result: deliciousness!! couldn't decide whether to accompany it with double cream or creme fraiche so had both! ultimate fatness but oh well! you can find the recipe here (just add some blueberries). i think i would call it a pie rather than a tart, just 'cos the word pie sounds somewhat more comforting!