friday feeling/SATC countdown!

thank goodness i was off today after last night! went to see pendulum (birthday present from me to the bf)... must say, it was the sweatiest gig i've ever been to! note to self: always wear a sports bra if you're going to be jumping up and down for two hours. today consisted of the following:

-long lie (obv)
-my first blog outfit shoot! don't think the bf understands the concept quite yet! almost all of outfit consists of sale items, including £3 primark bag and £4 new look t-shirt...yup i'm a cheap-skate!
-starbucks visit - caffe creme frappacinos are officially my new favourite drink
-a new ring (index finger one) from little crafty shop: love it
-drinks in the sun (pic of primark bag which has miraculously transformed itself and now has a nice vintagey look to it!)
-dinner at the best malaysian restaurant, kampong ah lee: mmm...

to top off my lovely day i'm now watching series six of sex and the city in anticipation of next friday: sex and the city 2!!! cannot wait...


the bride

lara stone married david walliams on sunday... how unlikely is this match?! highly strange if you ask me! just can't believe david walliams scored the hottest woman on the planet!! it's not that he's bad looking or anything - it's just, well, weird! really want to see what her dress looked like - maybe this?? lara's got to be one of my favourite supers, i mean how amazing is her body!? i love it how she looks so different in shots yet you can always tell it's her - if you know what i mean. cue gratuitous lara pics, woo!


wild horses

spots and stripes

couldn't decide what to buy from the new topshop make-up range. nail polish? blusher? eye-shadow? eventually settled for a kohl eye pencil in 'saddle' and a touche-eclat-esque brightener pen. think it's the cute packaging that makes me want it all!

some springspiration for the day - my lovely daffodils and the view from my polling station back home! had to drive an hour and back for a two second cross in a box! jeez. nice sunset though!


say my name

so much for updating more often! it's now the 5th already! been busy this week doing work experience with a photography magazine based here in edinburgh called portfolio. there's something about thick glossy paper that i absolutely love so i was very pleased when i managed to get my hands on some free copies today - which usually cost £10 each! but well worth it for the quality of print. dana popa's work caught my eye, and after a little research, i found this 'natalie' photo! cool eh? on the other hand, it's from her exhibition about prostitutes from moldova so i'm thinking this natalie leads not so colourful a life as this picture suggests! the next two photos are by popa as well - lovely light...

that's all for now - i'm away to read a new book about a religious sex cult. strange, but true. will post tomorrow about my recent topshop make-up purchase!