snow time!

oh the weather outside is frightful...

but the fire is so delightful...

and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


loving lanvin

my favs from the lanvin for h&m collection out tomorrow... can't wait for christmas parties. a whipped cream skirt - what more could you ask for?


the earrings, the bag and the wardrobe

helloooo! just thought i'd share these with you... mini milk jug and sugar bowl earrings!! amaazing! my friend sent me them as a belated birthday pressie.

her shop now stocks jolly good bits and bobs - everything is handmade and so cute and kitsch; great for xmas pressies! needless to say everyone at work loved them (i work in a tearoom, people).

sorry the earrings are actually out of focus but i'm working on getting a proper camera - as soon as i'm brave enough to part ways with the little money i actually have...

in other news, i found this bloody gorgeous bag in my great auntie's house the day it got ransacked by burglars!!! (don't worry nothing seems to have been stolen and she hasn't actually lived there for ten years...)

i'm thinking it's probably from the forties or fifties so it's proper vintaaage!! her moth eaten fur coat was also found in her wardrobe which i of course rescued but don't have any pics of yet to show you guys... fur coats kind of scare me. here's why...

the lion, the witch and the wardrobe! my all time favourite childhood movie slash bbc adaptation. but man is it scary... espesh that wolf-man-thing called maugrim! why did children's programs and films used to be so scary!?

bedtime folks... work in 5 hours followed by the icing of a cake to feed forty people... the joys


slow night, so long

i have returned!! where have the past 2 months gone?!! i've been meaning to start blogging again but somehow time just slips away... it's christmas in 52 days people! autumn is my favourite time of year i think; the leaves and the light are just so pretty. although this does mean getting up before my usual 1pm to actually see the leaves and light as it's getting so dark now - today i woke up at 3pm and saw daylight for half an hour!!? autumnal dressing has to be my favourite also, what with all the layers and scarves and boots... i'm starting to feel inspired again! and so, here's to a blogtastic time ahead... watch this space!


the domestic goddess

vogue us sept '10

i think i should be this woman. 50's housewife/super vixen! not sure about the pointy kitten heels to be honest but the tight knits, pencil skirts, leopard print, and the hair - oh the hair = amaze! i can just picture myself sporting one of these outfits whilst baking one of my pies! a tad different to my outfit of choice today nonetheless, creating pie numero deux: comfy joggers, t-shirt, fluffy dressing gown. yep, one can dream!


what the elle

1. new mug from tk maxx, aaah tea! relatively new double ring from urban outfitters - been on the look out for one of those bad boys for ages!
2. argos men's watch (bling!), dotty p's ring, funky buddha
3. and 4. elle overdose

finally got round to reading/gazing adoringly at elle collections last night and it was well worth the £6! planning on choosing my favs of the upcoming season before spring/summer starts, which is pretty soon! also realised i will be in london for fashion week! woooo! exciting stuff! although i will be with my brother, so its more likely that we will be getting lost or mugged rather than hanging out with the celebs and pretending we're part of the cool crowd. ah well.


baking with nat

i have just started my new job in loopy lorna's tea house - edinburgh's finest! (that's correct, finally out of retail - hurrah!) being around cakes and other tasty treats all day is bringing out the baker in me, and on monday i was challenged by my sis to make a pear and blueberry tart! challenge accepted...

challenge complete! result: deliciousness!! couldn't decide whether to accompany it with double cream or creme fraiche so had both! ultimate fatness but oh well! you can find the recipe here (just add some blueberries). i think i would call it a pie rather than a tart, just 'cos the word pie sounds somewhat more comforting!


cross my heart


aaaah! where have i been for the past 3 weeks!! the answer is nowhere, i've just been incredibly lazy and abandoned the blog! also, i've been working quite a lot and been feeling pretty uninspired of late. the weather's not been great either and the monsoon we had last week has left me with swollen tonsils... yes, wet feet= sore throat. anyhoo, just been catching up on the resort trends and one that caught my eye was the cross-over mini bag influx (as seen here at burberry and michael kors); probably because i've been wearing my primark three pounder for like forever now. looks like sevigny and kruger have caught up with me at last!


ok, so mine is slighty different in that the strap is thicker and i can fit more in it than a packet of raisins, but same concept! off to sleep now, hoping for a blog-productive week ahead!!


just an average day at the beach

muse, vogue germany, interview


summer sandals

blazer vintage, vest topshop, shorts h&m, shoes new look

dp's, new look, river island

time to get out the summer shoes i feel! took this outfit shot a wee while ago when i bought the shorts but never actually dared to wear it in the eyes of the public - i don't really do bare legs! more of a tights + shorts kinda gal me. i love tan shoes! hopefully get more use out of these pairs this summer. the wedges are so comfy but they make me about 6 ft tall which means giantess in the company of the small people! maybe i should invest in some tan flats...??