baking with nat

i have just started my new job in loopy lorna's tea house - edinburgh's finest! (that's correct, finally out of retail - hurrah!) being around cakes and other tasty treats all day is bringing out the baker in me, and on monday i was challenged by my sis to make a pear and blueberry tart! challenge accepted...

challenge complete! result: deliciousness!! couldn't decide whether to accompany it with double cream or creme fraiche so had both! ultimate fatness but oh well! you can find the recipe here (just add some blueberries). i think i would call it a pie rather than a tart, just 'cos the word pie sounds somewhat more comforting!


  1. Ohh wow that looks so yummy!
    mmm i love warm pies with icecream, this looks like a perfect autumnal comfort dessert!
    Thanks for the comment :)!

  2. O.O thats looks very yummy and very good! You have a sweet blog. Thank you for reading my blog and I will enjoy reading yours too.

    Take care! KK, XOXO.

  3. That looks so amazing! I am still yet to bake my own pie... Pumpkin pie I'm thinking!

    -JC x