the earrings, the bag and the wardrobe

helloooo! just thought i'd share these with you... mini milk jug and sugar bowl earrings!! amaazing! my friend sent me them as a belated birthday pressie.

her shop now stocks jolly good bits and bobs - everything is handmade and so cute and kitsch; great for xmas pressies! needless to say everyone at work loved them (i work in a tearoom, people).

sorry the earrings are actually out of focus but i'm working on getting a proper camera - as soon as i'm brave enough to part ways with the little money i actually have...

in other news, i found this bloody gorgeous bag in my great auntie's house the day it got ransacked by burglars!!! (don't worry nothing seems to have been stolen and she hasn't actually lived there for ten years...)

i'm thinking it's probably from the forties or fifties so it's proper vintaaage!! her moth eaten fur coat was also found in her wardrobe which i of course rescued but don't have any pics of yet to show you guys... fur coats kind of scare me. here's why...

the lion, the witch and the wardrobe! my all time favourite childhood movie slash bbc adaptation. but man is it scary... espesh that wolf-man-thing called maugrim! why did children's programs and films used to be so scary!?

bedtime folks... work in 5 hours followed by the icing of a cake to feed forty people... the joys


  1. The bag is soooo You! well, so are the earings ;)

  2. Thanks for the mention! Glad you like the earrings and that bag is sooo lovely! xx