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so much for updating more often! it's now the 5th already! been busy this week doing work experience with a photography magazine based here in edinburgh called portfolio. there's something about thick glossy paper that i absolutely love so i was very pleased when i managed to get my hands on some free copies today - which usually cost £10 each! but well worth it for the quality of print. dana popa's work caught my eye, and after a little research, i found this 'natalie' photo! cool eh? on the other hand, it's from her exhibition about prostitutes from moldova so i'm thinking this natalie leads not so colourful a life as this picture suggests! the next two photos are by popa as well - lovely light...

that's all for now - i'm away to read a new book about a religious sex cult. strange, but true. will post tomorrow about my recent topshop make-up purchase!

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