friday feeling/SATC countdown!

thank goodness i was off today after last night! went to see pendulum (birthday present from me to the bf)... must say, it was the sweatiest gig i've ever been to! note to self: always wear a sports bra if you're going to be jumping up and down for two hours. today consisted of the following:

-long lie (obv)
-my first blog outfit shoot! don't think the bf understands the concept quite yet! almost all of outfit consists of sale items, including £3 primark bag and £4 new look t-shirt...yup i'm a cheap-skate!
-starbucks visit - caffe creme frappacinos are officially my new favourite drink
-a new ring (index finger one) from little crafty shop: love it
-drinks in the sun (pic of primark bag which has miraculously transformed itself and now has a nice vintagey look to it!)
-dinner at the best malaysian restaurant, kampong ah lee: mmm...

to top off my lovely day i'm now watching series six of sex and the city in anticipation of next friday: sex and the city 2!!! cannot wait...


  1. oh your first outfit post looks awesome! trust me, i have had many falling outs with my husband over outfit photos (like seriously, how many times do you have to say 'get my feet in the shot'? - but we've come to happy medium now where we can make it through and not be grumpy!). you're doing a great job on the blog. if you want any advice on comments etc just let me know. some quick things i'd suggest: leave comments on other people's blogs (obviously, right? but comments that engage not just flippant comments, one's that show you've really made a connection), figure out which blogs you really like and follow them properly - i think you'll get more out of following a few blogs well then hundreds, get a twitter account and start following people your interested in - this is a great way to engage and get people to notice you, sign up to weardrobe.com/ilikemystyle.com and other online outfit sharing sites.... mmm, i think those are my main tips really. i think the more you put into it the more you will ultimately get back. but it isn't a quick process - it takes time and dedication. your doing a great job though! don't give up on it! xx

  2. Congratulations on your first outfit post! I know, I don't think I'd ever get my boyfriend to take my photo!

    I really like that bag, it doesn't look Primark, it looks quite vintage!


  3. Hi Nat

    It was lovely meeting you at Gin in Teacups today! Didn't realise you were quite so close by. For some reason I feel like all fashion bloggers just exist on the internet. Hope you had a good afternoon and hope to see again sometime.

    Helen x (www.jollygoodstudio.blogspot.com)

  4. loving your rings so much! xxx