cross my heart


aaaah! where have i been for the past 3 weeks!! the answer is nowhere, i've just been incredibly lazy and abandoned the blog! also, i've been working quite a lot and been feeling pretty uninspired of late. the weather's not been great either and the monsoon we had last week has left me with swollen tonsils... yes, wet feet= sore throat. anyhoo, just been catching up on the resort trends and one that caught my eye was the cross-over mini bag influx (as seen here at burberry and michael kors); probably because i've been wearing my primark three pounder for like forever now. looks like sevigny and kruger have caught up with me at last!


ok, so mine is slighty different in that the strap is thicker and i can fit more in it than a packet of raisins, but same concept! off to sleep now, hoping for a blog-productive week ahead!!


  1. Haha, I don't think I could ever do the mini bag trend, I always worry I'd have forgotten something vital so I need to pack my whole life in my bag!!


  2. Awww, your mini bag is cute but I agree with the above commenter.. I could never do that! I need to carry my baby camera and wallet and I just couldn't do that with something so tiny!

    Cute blog! : D

  3. i love the color of the second dress!


  4. I love those mini bags...so cute! Thanks a million for your comment on my blog.:)SarahD