edinburgh charity fashion show

ok so this may not be london or paris, but edinburgh has just had its own 'fashion weekend' with the annual edinburgh charity fashion show. the event was organised by edinburgh university students and showcased top names such as jaeger, peter jensen and nicole farhi. scottish designers also got a look in with designs by chris clyne, walker & slater and 21st century kilts parading down the runway. especially liked the bright body-con mini-dresses by london based ara jo (like the one above), whose designs have apparently been worn by lady gaga! yep, i can see why...

quite liking bright colours at the moment actually - sick of nudes everywhere! love this green dress by issa -

and check out these funky knits by hannah taylor -

it was a great night - despite the highly irritating hosts and exceedingly long interval - i just want to see the clothes goddamit!!


  1. i look forward to the day when a scottish fashion show is not, in any way, cringey xx

  2. indeed, but would hardly call this a scottish fashion show as it seemed like it was run entirely by pompous rich kids from london who used it as an excuse to build up their social credibility. sad times x

  3. of course its cringey if you expect world class fashion and have a wrong idea about this event.
    this is a show run by students, hoping to raise money for charity... no need to be sad about the possibility that some of their parents are wealthy.