vintage fair madness

on saturday before work i made a quick trip to the affordable vintage fair at potterow. my friend lauren had a stall there as she is co-owner of edward - a lovely little vintage boutique in my home town of fife! check out their website, it also has an online shop where you can spot me doing a bit of modelling! i don't know why i tortured myself going as i don't have a penny to my name at the moment - they should have called it the not-so-affordable vintage fair! i ended up standing and observing the madness and chaos of clothes everywhere, girls pushing and shoving eachother to get their hands on that bag first... as i'd never been to a vintage fair before, it was unexpectedly hectic. you really needed pointy elbows and unfortunately mine are quite rounded. good news for lauren though as she did make a buck or two. we should definitely have more fairs like this in edinburgh, if only to experience the craziness of vintage lovers. going to have to work on my elbow roundedness so that next time i shall be more prepared.


  1. Wow! Great pictures! The fair was manic all day! I don't know how anybody managed to do any shopping. It was so busy and people were pushing and stealing out of other people's hands. It was a fantastic day though and they have said they're definitely coming back to Scotland!XX

  2. haha this looks so awesome! sorry to hear your elbows let you down! i totally know the feeling of going to places with beautiful things and then remembering... uh, wait a minute, i actually have NO money that i can spend. ah well, is always fun to watch the madness go down. looks very cool! xx

  3. how fun does this look!!
    i went shopping in Edingburgh just for the day once and found an amazing JPG top for a fiver
    great blog