blush brogues

how lovely are these?! just wanted to show them off here! i fell in love with them the moment i saw them on my friend's feet! so i immediately copied her look and went and bought them from good old river island (sorry linds!). luckily, i still had a voucher that's been sitting in my purse from christmas. although i'm getting tired of all the nude tones that are around at the mo, i'm still in winter mode - tights/leggings/black/grey/tan - and these add a touch of colour, albeit quite a strange dusty pink colour. a manish shoe but in a girly shade of blush = perfect!


  1. hi nat, thank you for your comment: it's a lovely blog! i'm in exactly the same mood: still wearing things like black tights, but also just got a similar pair of brogues (yours are lovely btw). those little pale blush/nude/off white touches are right in time for the snow drops coming up ; )

    thanks for linking me - linking you too, under UK style - & following you, too! hope to hear from you again. jCx

  2. Hello, thanks for the link! I'll be sure to update my blogroll with your link soon.

    I absolutely love brogues - mines are a tan brown colour.